Rogoznica (en)




Rogoznica, calm and warm Mediterranean town on the outskirts of northern Dalmatia. It stretches 50 km along the coast and is an ideal place to relax with family and friends. Gladly visited by boaters because it is known as one of the most beautiful and safest ports. Beaches in Rogoznica are gravel, and a little rocky, and each village has hidden beaches in the numerous little bays. Rogoznica is known for a wide range of entertainment and cultural events organized by the Tourist Board, this is the time when the streets special atmosphere.

Rogoznica Rogoznica center is located on the peninsula , where they are mainly retained the old stone houses, which gives Rogoznicas waterfront an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Most of the island is covered with pine trees and is ideal for walking and other types of recreation. Rogoznicas area is situated in the center of the Croatian coast. It is located in the extreme southeastern part of the Šibensko-kninska County, on the border with the Split-Dalmatia County . On the cape Ploče ili Planka south and north wind, warm and cold currents collide. The climate is one of the most attractive tourist elements, and the Rogoznica area has an average amount of sunny hours in 2600 . During the four summer months, on average, there are only 4-7 rainy days.

Tourism - Various beaches in Rogoznica provide the option of choosing for the most demanding and they can find their own piece. Rogoznica has 6,500 beds in private accommodation and a sufficient number of restaurants that can satisfy the tastes of every guest, especially fish specialities lovers. Rogoznica has a very long tourism tradition in existence since the 1870th year. That same year, foreign guests have found Rogoznica as a desirable tourist destination and the first Lušić-Rankovi family hotel was opened, called Rogoznica. The then majority of guests were from Austria , the Czech Republic and Italy.

Source : Tourist Association of Rogoznica